Friday, May 16, 2014

BJP's win is a management lesson from Mr.Modi

The expected happened in 2014 Elections. BJP won with huge majority that would  lead to formation of stable government after painful spells of coalition governments. The victory was not just by chance. It was hard earned. Since Mr.Modi emerged as PM candidate BJP after several hurdles from within and outside the party circles, a strategy was put in place and was implemented silently without much hungama. Announcing PM candidate in advance itself is a good piece of strategy where one person was made in-charge  of the party's prospects with clear incentives known to the leader. The leader took up the challenging role and started forming his team steering clear of forces opposing him from within.  The forces working from outside, he simply ignored except giving befitting replies through his campaign speeches. He identified the states where the victory is crucial for the country level performance. Uttar Pradesh is such state which can make or mar the party's fortunes. In states where the party machinery is capable he let them do their job. He placed his man, Amit Shah, in UP where his party cadres lost morale over time.  He contested from Varanasi which sent positive vibes to UP people and also prospects for other candidates through spillover effects. He toured all states and did very well in states where BJP did not have any traditional hold at all. Assam, Tamilnadu are examples. He had alliances with local parties in states like (seema) Andhra Pradesh where his party does not have any hold.
1.identify a leader and let him know what he gets on his success and let him freedom to perform
2. Leader should chalk out strategies and implement by identifying right people in right places
3.Ignore and push aside people who cannot help you achieve the goal
4. have friends where you cannot go alone
5. do not spare efforts to win in areas just because  you are not sure.
6. communicate. communicate and communicate.
Once the results are out, in he gave a message to people that 'good days are ahead'  this is refreshing and positive compared to the ones we heard over 10 years that 'we are running through tough times. Be prepared to sacrifice'.
Hope we get good governance under him. 

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