Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Risk aversion or management? Which is better?

There were three fish Tom, Sam and Joe living in a tank. During summer they faced risk of tank drying up and easily getting caught by fishermen.  A month before, Tom, the foreseer, cautioned his friends about the risk and suggested migrating to other waterbody to safety.

Sam, the smart, took it lightly and expressed confidence that somehow they can manage when the risk happens.

Joe, the dumb, took it too lightly.

The imminent danger of tank drying up came when very little water was left. By then Tom migrated. When fishermen came fishing, Sam smartly dived and escaped from the net. Joe was caught and could not  manage the risk. 

Me s s a g e: be t t e r  be  p r e p a r e d  for  t h e  r i s k. avoid if  p o s s i b l e.  m a n ag e   or  c o p e  w i t h  at l e a s t.  n e v e r   t a k e it   l i g h t.

S a m

J o e

Poor Joe